Mosquitoes suck—pun intended! 😂 😳Really though—bug bite itches are just the pits. When you scratch them they itch even more. So, understandably, you scratch them even harder until they become bleeding scabs. And in a sick, tortuous twist, scabs itch too. What the heck?! Not to mention that the little buggers are literally the most lethal animal on the face of our earth. Let's do whatever it takes to fight this ever-present nuisance until they are killed dead. Slaughter-slayer-obliterated-dead. Grannies with blowtorches? Do it. Teens with chainsaws? Do it harder. Just blow stuff up. Bring on the stealth bombers. 


Don't judge a bear until you've walked a mosquito infested pasture in its paws. 


Old Granny's got this one.


Role: Interactive Art Director/Bear Suit Guy
Painter: Maria Erikson
Creative Director: Scott Muskin
Director: Ryan Theisen