To engage the Yoplait community, we created unique content relevant to the brand's core demographic. A consistent visual style and voice was established to bridge a variety of graphic executions and bring unity to the campaign. The work inspired positive dialog between Yoplait and their base of enthusiastic brand champions.


"Haha who's that handsome cowboy sitting next to me?"

—Peggy Cramlester


"One of my twin boys just asked me, "what happens if you pee and you're on the moon?""

—Melissa Adams


"Stahp! This is so cute!!!"

—Stephanie Ryan


"My Hubby's favorite...sometimes he eats 5-8 a day! (some days as much as 10!)"

—Sandi Woods


"The purple feathers things look like wings! Fly little yogurt, fly!"

—Morgana Hansel

fancy flops.jpg

Role: Designer/Art Director
Creative Director: George Fiddler
Executive Creative Director: Chris Henderson
Art Director: Chad Nauta