I'm an art director by day and Blanche Devereaux by night. You might find me obsessing over type contrast or over the moon following an especially impassioned brainstorming session. I bring to design an infatuation for unique ideas; a lust for color and texture; and a consummate obsession to make all things as usable as my hairbrush (dude you're bald. I know ya turkey). And yeah, you'll be darn near demurred before you find a better pal and confidant.

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Oh... Hi there!

You stayed! Well... since you're here... below, you will find a running critique of my journey as a creative creature. You can think of it like a "hidden track" on a hip 90's compact disc! It's an intimate journey of (for the most part) a much younger Eric, so please proceed with care and caution and also more care. And don't forget to love me, still.




I wrote this song about a girl I thought was pretty smart but not very nice. My talented father, Jim Williams, graced it with his eloquent vocal prowess and superior saxophone skills. 


Exterminating Shia's Rat Tail

My first assignment as Art Director for Olson Engage was to help the social team with a piece of right-time engagement for Terminix. The aim was to infuse the brand into pop culture—keeping Terminix top of mind. So… When Shia LeBeouf appeared on the red carpet with a rat tail, Terminix offered to donate $10,000 to his charity of choice if he cut it off. The pressure was on—I concepted, designed and delivered a piece that integrated the Terminix brand, Shia's latest look (without representing his person) and the concept to the team in approximately 27 minutes. Boom! We generated over 128 million earned impressions. Plus we got to make fun of Shia LeBeouf. As for Shia, he called the office the next day eager to take us up on the offer... as a way to launch his new "philanthropic" image.



And of course! Moxi. Because I was obsessed with The Golden Girls, spent years working in nursing homes and knew how desperately elderly women yearned for super sexy high-calorie, low-volume nutrition! At my interview with Kick in Minneapolis, I was told that this was my "weakest piece." My other ones must have been pretty good then?! Eh?! Huh?



Retire My TV

This project was a test of my… magnanimity. The client had a few extra bucks to spend, and they wanted to engage… and engage quickly around the 2016 Super Bowl. The assignment for three videos came across my desk mid afternoon on a Thursday with a deadline set for noon the next day. The big idea was to connect the idea of retiring your tv along with the anticipation that Peyton Manning would announce his retirement after winning the game. Knowing I was grabbing a plane to Pittsburgh the next morning (approved PTO), I thought I’d better hit it. And hit it quick! The group creative director, a brilliant and funny man with the voice of Disney's Aladdin (seriously it’s fantastic) told me not to worry about it—he would “just do it” (ok he was a little irritated). I thought… you know… I’ll still do it just in case. I stayed late, concepted and produced three videos to loop on social media and fired them off to the team from the plane as I was landing in Pittsburgh. And you know what? It’s a darn good thing I did. Intuition is a powerful thing.


"Creepy" Self Portrait


Before my interview at PadillaCRT, I was up for four days straight—a gift of chronic asceticism and Adderall from a sympathetic friend. I was working as a photo-retoucher for Manhattan Toy, preparing for an interview, caring for two sick kids, nursing my own cold and finishing up my BFA at the University of Minnesota with four studio courses. My interviewers were kind and gentle individuals. They told me that this "Self Portrait" piece was "creepy." Because it is.

My Creation



And for this cute little video my bald head had the opportunity to both art direct as well as debut in its first role as sweaty and in need of a waterfall rinse. For chilling out!


The Pocket Pump


I was impressed with the Pocket Pump. I'm not an athletic individual, nor am I excessively interested in sports. I do, however, love to shoot the hoops! This item is quite handy, but the packaging was an absolute eyesore. So, I thought I'd give a try at a redesign. My logic was that demonstrating its value was worth the cost of putting an actual stuffed soccer ball in the package. Also and of course the honeycomb texture behind the new galactic logotype made so much sense. Because of course it did. 



Surprise and delight—wins again and again.


Pyro Piggies


Apps are cool. And man, you can sure make a lot of money if you make a good one. So... I thought, "Hey, PyroPiggies would be a really cool app!" You know, I actually still think it would be the shit.


I had a love for photography.
But it did not have a great deal of commercial appeal.


A Spiritual Connection


Portrait of Brian John Schmidt


A state of grey: The visual boundaries of our emotional spectrum


Hanging Upside Down and Being Splashed by Milk and Then Turning the Photo Upside Down to Confuse and Bewilder

I have just started on this road into my goofy journey. More to come!