General Mills asked us to promote their latest installment of Star Wars collectible pens in boxes of Big G Cereals. To achieve this objective, we seeded popular media channels with unique and shareable content, effectively driving consumer engagement, social buzz and media coverage. We even inspired fans to join in the fun by creating videos of their own! 


Lo-fi, High Fun!

Armed with an iPhone 5 and inspired by the silly side of The Force, we set out to amuse and embolden breakfast cereal enthusiasts galaxywide.



Dining With Darth Series

Have you ever wondered if Darth Vader eats breakfast cereal? And if he does, what is his favorite? Well he does, and his favorite is Trix! Use the fork, Darth! Use the fork!


Rest in peace sweet Vine. Your legacy will live on in the heart of short-form creative brilliance for all eternity.


Instagram Series


Role: Art Director
Creative Director: George Fiddler
Executive Creative Director: Chris Henderson